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Objective Evidence for the Christian Faith

I have been a believer for many years now. My main emphasis has been sharing my faith with the lost. I have personally learned that the more a person is aware of the objective evidence that supports their faith, the more they realize how little faith they need to believe, but at the same time, they gain great faith. 


In 2012, I published "Gravity - True For You But Not For Me - Evidence For God's Existence and Identity." God has used this book widely to bring many to Christ. It has been placed in over 1,300 prisons, on college campuses, handed out on countless streets and translated into many languages. Leading the lost to Christ and combating doubt in believers.  I encourage you to read and share it with others, the lost and the doubting believer. The e-book is always free and we offer print copies at our cost. 


Go here to get your free copy and learn more:


Feel free to offer free copies of Gravity on your website, blog or Facebook page. Together we can lead others to Christ and build the faith of believers.


Gravity is also available for print, in orders of 10 or more to hand out, at our cost on the website.


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